IT Solutions

A Variety of IT Solutions to Fit Your Business

Here at EDC, our goal is to provide comprehensive IT solutions for businesses of all sizes. We are here to help you to get the most out of your existing equipment, assist with upgrades or conversions, and provide day to day support for your business. EDC is known for our fast response time and quality of service. Working with your business, we are able to give you a solution that is reliable and tailored to your workflow. Our technicians are well-versed in many technologies including:

Server Installation & Support

Windows Server
Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SBS
Remote Access Server
OSX Server
VMware Virtualization

Network Support

Core Infrastructure
Active Directory Server
Remote Network Monitoring

Network Security

Unified Threat Management
Multilayer Security
Spam/Content Filtering
VPN Server
DMZ Zone
Security Risk Assessment

Business Continuity

Critical Data Identification
Work Flow Analysis
Mail, Contact, Calendar Sync
Hosted VOIP Phones
Emergency Planning
Data Recovery

Data Loss Prevention

RAID Solutions
Tape Libraries
External Backup Drives
Offsite Backups
Storage Solutions
Site Replication

Industry Specific Experience

EDC has worked with customers with various sized offices in many industries. We have not only become professionals in general small business IT services, but experts in providing tailored solutions to our clients.

Law Support
-Trial Director
-PC Law
-Abicus Law


Financial & Medical
-Quickbooks Database Server
-PeachTree/ Sage
-Calyx Point
-Spring Charts
-TAM Server

Small Business Solutions

Our technicians support all Microsoft server products. We custom build and support networks ranging from one server and a few workstations to multiple servers spanning many geographical locations.

Cisco Systems   
Through the use of a range of Cisco products, we can extend your network to include remote offices or mobile workers. This is ideal for companies that need security over multiple locations as well as those who need office access from home or abroad. We can also provide network edge protection including firewall protection and intrusion detection/prevention. Our team of Cisco certified technicians will professionally configure your network and provide a crucial layer of protection for your business.

VMware Virtualization
In order for businesses to become more flexible, we offer virtualization of physical servers as well as installation of new virtual servers. With this technology, we can lower total operating cost as well as provide a more resilient network with less downtime. With our certified VMware experts, we create custom solutions to keep your business running.

Apple Products
We provide hardware, software, and backup support for Apple environments whether it be Mini, Mac Pro, or Server lines. For businesses wishing to maintain existing equipment, we also provide PC/Mac integration.

In today’s industry, companies tend to use a wide range of devices. We provide support for desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets and smart devices.