Meet The Team – Mike Bertrand

Meet The Team – Mike Bertrand

Mike Bertrand

Mike Bertrand (aka Charlie Day, aka Cat In The Wall, aka Magic Mike) is one of those guys you meet once and never forget.  His outgoing personality and ability to relate to the business needs of our clients makes Mike an indispensable employee at EDC.  We appreciate Mike’s work and dedication to EDC’s core values.  Eventhough he stays busy, he had time to answer a few questions for us.  Everyone meet Mike Bertrand!

1.) What’s some of your educational background and experience?

My experience troubleshooting and upgrading computers goes back to when my age was still a single digit. Even in 4th grade I was figuring out how to install sound cards and CD-ROM drives – you know, cutting edge technology. Since then it’s always been a hobby, and so it made sense to choose computer science as my major in college. Since graduation over 12 years ago, I’ve worked in this field full time, doing everything from network administration, to database development, to sales and consulting. I also went back and obtained my Masters of Business Administration – which didn’t necessarily help my tech knowledge, but did improve my social skills and business savvy.

2.) What’s something you wished young Mike would have known?

Well, my parents would argue that young Mike already knew everything…. However current Mike wishes he would have known to put unfounded fear aside, and take those risks/opportunities that he knew were in his best interest.

3.) What are your greatest professional strengths?

I’d have to say one of my greatest strengths is creativity in coming up with solutions. I’m always trying to find a better product for the job, or a way to make a process more efficient. I never feel limited because “it’s just the way we’ve always done it”. Another strength I feel that I possess, is the ability to merge social skill with technological skill. I enjoy face time with my clients – talking to them about both their business and personal lives, making product recommendations…just as much as I like designing and configuring their infrastructure. I want people to enjoy working with their technology, and the ones who provide it. If I’m viewed as a necessary evil, I’m not doing my job right.

4.) What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

Probably thinking about all the things I need to do in the near future. Basically feels like I’m trying to teach a group of squirrels how to line dance inside my head.

5.) You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Hmmm, Crayola has pretty much covered every possible solid color; so I would want to be one of 2 things: either a striped crayon, so you could lay down multiple colors on a single swoop…or a clear-coat crayon, so you could just use me on all your pictures and I’d make them look better than ever. But let’s be real…I could never be a crayon….I’m too “outside the box” for that.


And that’s Mike Bertrand in a nutshell (squirrel joke not intended).  Mike is just one of many employees at EDC that provide custom solutions and products to fit every day business.  From security to IT automation to cloud offerings and more, EDC is constantly improving our methods and providing new solutions for our clients.

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