Meet The Team – Scott Lavergne

Meet The Team – Scott Lavergne

As part of our new series, EDC will introduce members of its team so that everyone can get to know them better.  In our inaugural post, Founder Scott Lavergne imparts some advice from over 15 years as a small business owner.

1.) What was your motivation to start EDC?

Growing up my dad was the Director of the Small Business center at UL. So I received many unsolicited lectures on how to properly run a business. Then in college I started fixing computers for a few small businesses my dad knew needed help. I have always enjoyed helping people, and I saw many companies getting poor IT service because they did not know that it could be better. That motivated me to work on EDC full time to help companies with their IT problems when I graduated college. It is fun to help companies apply computers to their business to help them grow.


2.) What was the most difficult part about starting your own business?

Balancing the needs of my family and the needs of the business. When you start out with no money or investors you only have sweat equity to contribute. This means that if you mess up or don’t hustle hard enough you simply didn’t get paid. It was several years before I could take a vacation that was longer than a few days, and even then once I had to leave my family on the beach at Gulf Shores to drive home and fix some issues a client was having.  


3.) If you could start your business over again, what would you have done differently?

If I would start it today, I would grow it much faster. I had two little boys when I founded EDC, so their needs have always been high on my list.  For that reason, I have tempered our growth so that I could spend time with them. Now they are in high school and do not need or want as much time from me, so I can chase down every opportunity. 


4.) With all of the other IT service companies in town, what differentiates EDC from the rest?

Everyone has their strength and weaknesses. At EDC our strength is solving your problem in your best interest even if that isn’t in our best interest. We are very flexible when it comes to working with your budget and schedule. We don’t just offer one solution, but tailor our recommendation to each client.


5.) What does the future hold for EDC? 

EDC is growing. We opened an office in New Orleans a couple of years ago so we could work out all of the intricacies of having a remote office. In the next couple of years, we will open a 3rd office. Right now I don’t know if we will hit a size that where we will want to stop growing. So far I cannot think of a reason to stop growing, so it is hard to guess how large we will be after another 15 years in business.


6.)Bonus question:  Mac, Windows, or Linux/Unix?  Why?

It depends on the user. For the average Joe who just wants to surf the Internet and check email, I recommend Apple. Also, for people who are fed up with their PC’s breaking for whatever reason I also recommend Apple. I personally switched in 2001 when they released their first operating system based on Linux. I love how Macs just work. Many people get hung up on their price, but in the long run it is worth having less headache.

For those people who like to play with all sorts of software I recommend Windows as the indisputable champ of having software that will do just about anything if you want to tinker with it. For the hard core computer guys Linux is a better fit, but they certainly don’t need me to tell them this.



Next month, we will showcase another team member at EDC.  Stay tuned and meet the team!

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