Touch ID issues, simple solutions, and changing the complexity of your passcode

Touch ID issues, simple solutions, and changing the complexity of your passcode

The newest iPhones have a technology, touch ID, that I underestimated at first. I didn’t realize how quickly this convenient the feature would become habit , but it only takes a couple of times having to type in a passcode again to groan at the task.

This weekend, however, the touch ID quit working on my phone. Since the home button from the original iPhone is the only one that will work with touch id (because of encryption) that meant that it may never work again on this phone. I had changed out my screen previously, so there was a chance that a cable had come loose in the phone, and a tedious reconnection might be able to fix it, but checking Google first usually has the answers to all of one’s questions. The comment section of youtube is where I found this answer, and the guy actively commented in related videos and comments with the easy solution to help folks out that were looking for answers.

Apparently, if your touch id quits working and hard resetting (home and off button) and restarting (turning off and on again) don’t fix it, try:
Settings > General > Accessibility > Reachability and turn it off. Then restart the phone.

Reachability is the feature where you double tap the home button and it shifts the screen down so you can reach buttons at the top with your thumb without having to reposition your hand.
Here is a video of the kind Youtube commenter demonstrating the fix. Even though it is sort of grainy, I figured linking to his channel what for the best. The suggestion worked right away on my phone.

Make your security code even more complex

In the troubleshooting of the touch id issue, I figured that maybe changing my passcode would fix the problem. Well, the default passcode has changed from 4 numbers to 6 Iphone passcodenumbers, a surprisingly big difference in speed when getting used to having to use it again.

I noticed, though, that if you choose “Passcode Options” you can actually choose the 4 digit code, 6 digit/custom code, or even an alphanumeric code.

iphone passcode optionsThis might be beneficial for those seeking to make their phones even more secure, or easier to remember with a word instead of numbers.






Update:  The fix worked for a few hours and then quit working again, along with the reachability function. Back to the drawing board on actually fixing this issue.

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