What is Patch Management?

What is Patch Management?

If you are not familiar with the idea of updating or patching your computer, chances are you have heard it mentioned at some point.  Every second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft releases a slew of updates which we like to call “Patch Tuesday”, usually to fix security vulnerabilities and broken features.   Just like Windows needs regular updating and patching to stay secure, the applications on your computer require regular updating and patching as well.

3 of the most common applications found on computers are probably the most notorious for having major security vulnerabilities.  These applications are Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, and Java.  Due to their prolific use in the business world, finding and exploiting security issues within these applications has become very popular over the last few years.  It seems every week we see new security notices that detail a major vulnerability found in one of these applications.  The big issue for your business comes when you don’t have a plan to patch or upgrade these insecure applications.  Last year, 75% of reported data breaches in companies could have been prevented by having an update plan.

So, how are these vulnerabilities exploited?  For Java and Adobe Flash, it’s as easy as opening your web browser.  You don’t even have to visit a shady website or download a malicious file for your computer to be exploited. So called “drive-by exploits” can happen on websites you visit on a daily basis.  In some cases, the website itself becomes compromised or an advertisement served from a third party has code which can look for and exploit known issues in Flash or Java. With Adobe PDF Reader, it can be as easy as opening an attachment that came from a trusted person who may have been compromised.

We like to live by the motto that “the best offense is a good defense”.  In the case of patching, that motto holds true.  A proper patch management policy can help your data stay safe and to help your company maintain best practices.  With EDC managed services, we provide a comprehensive patch management system that ensures that your computers not only receive Windows Updates but also third party application updates in a timely manner.  This, together with other “best-practices” that we can implement, will assist your company with keeping your data secure and your systems running as smoothly as possible.

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